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The 1 thing you must know to win betting on horses. To win at betting you must obtain value. Whatever your angle, ask yourself for every bet your considering ‘what do I know that the general betting public doesn’t know?’. If the info you are using for your selection process is in the public domain then the market will reflect that and there may not be any value to be had.

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How To Bet On Horses & Win Betting on Horses Requires Patience and Discipline. Too many people get into gambling because they are looking to make a... Understanding Risk and Reward. To learn how to bet on horses and win you must also learn a few things about risk and... Don’t Throw Darts at a Board. ...

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The percentage of your bankroll wagered should match the strength of your opinion. Maybe bet 25% on your best bet of the day, 10% on a few more confident plays, and 5% on the rest. This is just one example, but I’ll repeat the lesson: your bet should match your opinion both in terms of the horses you bet and the amount you bet on them.

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With a single race exotic bet, you can group multiple horses into a single bet. If you choose to bet on multiple horses, they need to finish in the exact same order in which you placed the bet. The most common form of a multiple exotic race bet is the daily double, in which you pick winning horses for two consecutive races. Straight betting is the easiest to get the hang of, as it only involves picking an outright winner for each race.

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Wagering to Win: How to Make Money on Horse Race Betting Preparation for the Race. It may appear straightforward, but you should handicap the card beforehand so that you know... Spend Your Money Wisely. This is perhaps the most challenging aspect for me since, like other bettors, I like the... Make ...

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The best way to broaden your gambling horizons on horse races is to bet on different types of horse races. Flat racing is the type of competition that this blog has focused on up to this point because it is the most popular. Flat racing is where thoroughbred horses run on a flat track for one to three miles.

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If you bet $2 to win on each of those horses in every race you will have bet a total of $10. A winning horse that goes off at odds of 2:1 will return $6.00. You will need to win 2 out of 5 races to show a profit. By being right 40% of the time you can make money betting on 2:1 shots at the racetrack. Of course things don't always line up that simply in the real world. Some horses will be 9:5 or 4:1. The key is to limit your bets, and to bet consistently.