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Compilation of the most glorious stroke of Cricket THE COVER DRIVE, Enjoy some of the best shots in cricket.Subscribe Cricket Cut Piece for more thrilling cr...

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2.Drives Straight Drive. It is one of the most classical and graceful shots from the repertoire. If you want to see the perfect... Off Drive. Similar to the straight drive, the off drive is played in the direction of the mid-off and long-off fielding... On Drive. As the name suggests, on drive is ...

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The back foot drive is another beautiful cricket shot. When I was growing up watching cricket the batsman who played this shot the best was Sachin Tendulkar…he always made it look so elegant! The back foot drive is played in similar areas to the front foot drives that I mentioned earlier in this post.

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The cricket straight drive . A straight drive is a deliberate shot that aims to hit the ball along the ground to prevent being caught out.

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Cover drive: When the ball goes into this octant, and is played off the front foot or back foot. Inside-out: When the batsmen steps out of his crease, dances down the track and drives the ball into this octant. Octant 4: Off drive: Played off the front foot into this octant. Straight drive: Played off the back foot into this region. Octant 5:

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Drive; A batsman usually plays a cover drive off the front foot. A Drive is one of the most common shots of a batsman and is often the first shot that is taught to cricketers starting out. A drive is again a straight-batted shot executed by swinging the bat in a vertical arc through the line of the ball. Depending on the direction in which the ball moves, a drive can be a cover drive, straight drive or a square drive.

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Depending on the direction the ball travels, a drive can be a cover drive (struck towards the cover fielding position), an off drive (towards mid-off), straight drive (straight past the bowler), on drive (between stumps and mid-on) or square drive (towards point). A drive can also be played towards midwicket, although the phrase "midwicket drive" is not in common usage.

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Horizontal bat shots. The second class of cricket stroke comprises the horizontal bat shots, also known as cross bat shots: the cut, the square drive, the pull, the hook and the sweep. Cut. A cut is a cross-batted shot played at a short-pitched ball, placing it wide on the off side.